Backup & Restore for WordPress

Backup4WP is the perfect tool for quick website backups. Create backups right before your (smaller) WordPress updates and restore your files even if you can’t access the WordPress dashboard anymore.

Why should you use Backup4WP?

There are different pitfalls while creating backups for WordPress websites. The most common problem is that backup functions or plugins doesn’t work anymore if the WordPress application is broken or doesn’t load anymore. Other backup tools take too much time or doesn’t offer a solid restore function. Backup4WP is able to address all these problems, by providing a solid tool that works side by side with your WordPress website. 


Backup4WP creates the backups outside the WordPress dashboard and works even if WordPress is broken. For the backup meta data we use SQLite.

High speed

Using the rsync file copy tool our app is able to transfer files very fast. This way a WordPress backup or restore process takes only a minimum of time.


We created Backup4WP in a way that it works with the most common server setups for WordPress. No dependency on specific libraries... just Linux.

Proper storage is about creating a home for something so that minimal effort is required to find it and put it away.

Geralin Thomas


Database backups

Backup4WP creates database backups with the MySQL database dump function. Including the database in your website backup is of course an option.

Exclude files

If you load the Backup4WP dashboard page, the uploads and the cache directory are already excluded. Beside them you can exclude themes, plugins to safe storage space.

Fast processing

If you run a manual WordPress backup or restore, you don't like to wait for long until it's finished. Backup4WP is using rsync, a Linux tool that is able to copy files very quickly.

One click restore

The same way as you create a backup, restoring the website including database and files is as simple as a single mouse click. Jump between versions to compare the changes you've made.

Simple authentication

Backup4WP supports Apache Access Control features and you can authorize a session using the authentication link feature. After clicking this link you're automatically authenticated.

Active development

As a WordPress agency, finalwebsites is using Backup4WP for hundreds of client websites. We update our favorite WordPress backup tool frequently, just to make it even better!